International Security Advisory Board: 

                               Report on Arctic Policy


     This is a report of the International Security Advisory Board (ISAB), a Federal Advisory Committee established to provide the Department of State with a continuing source of independent insight, advice, and innovation on scientific, military, diplomatic, political, and public diplomacy aspects of arms control, disarmament, international security, and nonproliferation. The views expressed herein do not represent official positions or policies of the Department of State or any other entity of the United States Government.

      While all ISAB members have approved this report and its recommendations, and agree they merit consideration by policy-makers, some members may not subscribe to the particular wording on every point.


I. Overview/Executive Summary

II. Importance of the Arctic to the Arctic States and to the Broader International Community

III. Russian Objectives, Developments, and International Relationships in the Arctic

IV. Other Arctic State Objectives, Developments, and International Relationships in the Arctic

V. Arms Control and Transparency and Confidence-Buildings Measures that Could Enhance Arctic Security and Relationships

VI. Recommendations

Appendix A – Maps

Appendix B – Terms of Reference

Appendix C – Members and Project Staff

Appendix D – Individuals Consulted by the Study Group