This document sets out the UK government's overall approach to the Arctic, and provides an update to the Arctic policy framework.

This document follows the publication in 2013 of the government’s first Arctic Policy Framework, Adapting to Change, which set out the UK’s approach towards the Arctic, based upon the 3 principles of respect, co-operation and appropriate leadership.

These principles remain central to the UK government’s approach to the Arctic. We recognise that Arctic stewardship rests with the Arctic States and the indigenous peoples of those States, and continue to support their efforts to ensure a sustainable future for the region. The main commitments include:

  • helping to understand a changing Arctic through world-class science

  • protecting the Arctic’s fragile environment

  • promoting prosperity in the region

The UK will show leadership in matters of global importance such as climate change and tackling pollution in our oceans. We will also encourage UK companies to explore commercial opportunities, while ensuring that people who depend on the Arctic for their livelihoods can continue to do so sustainably for generations to come.

Published 4 April 2018