Tourism Codes of Conduct in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic Region

作者: Peter Mason

刊名: Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 1997, Vol.5 (2)

来源数据库: Taylor & Francis Journal

DOI: 10.1080/09669589708667282

英文摘要: This article investigates the nature and use of tourism codes of conduct in the Arctic and sub-Arctic region within the context of the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy and the recently created Arctic Council. The article also considers tourism codes in relation to the World Wide Fund for Nature initiative to develop Arctic tourism guidelines. The scale and nature of tourism activities in the region and the environmental and socio-cultural impacts of tourism are discussed. A selection of Arctic and sub-Arctic tourism codes of conduct is reviewed with particular reference to aims, authorship, audience and content. There is particular focus on visitor codes for Svalbard and visitor regulations in Canada’s Yukon and Northwest Territories and tourism industry codes produced for use in... Finland and Sweden. Comparisons are also drawn between the Arctic and Antarctic. A number of issues are highlighted in relation to the use, limitations and potential for codes of conduct and the article makes suggestions on ways on which some of these issues could be overcome.